What if you could have two successful launches for your first or next high-end program without Facebook ads, affiliate partners, webinars, basically without all of the typical launching madness?


That’s exactly what my client Ty did for her last two launches.


When it came to marketing her business and selling her programs she felt stuck because she didn’t want to share her business in a typical cookie cutter way.


Facebook Ads, webinars, teleclasses weren’t converting for her the way she wanted. She wasn’t your typical healer, medium + manifestation goddess.


If you’ve ever met Ty she’s anything but ordinary. She’s a rebel all the way with a side of Glitz and Glam.


During out time working together I was able to help her get clear about how she wanted to show up and create + implement a marketing plan that attracted her ideal clients who were ready to buy her first high-end program and she sold out her launch in 5 weeks at $9000.   


She’s since had a total of two sold out launches for her high-end program and consistently make sales daily with her products and other offerings.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re hitting a wall when it comes to marketing, filling your programs or just creating a system to attract the right leads in your business you need a marketing strategy that works for you and your business.

I was excited to sit down with Ty and talk about her journey building her business. 

Click below to watch as She shares her experience while working with me and how she was super hesitant about high-end coaching and why she decided to go for it.