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This is it. Fabiola's Coaching is designed for women entrepreneurs who are committed to living a life of true freedom and fulfillment.  You’ll get dedicated support that fits your business needs to increase your sales, get clients effortlessly and hustle less and profit more.

My goal is to  help you grow + scale your business and achieve your NEXT LEVEL of Success + Ultimate Freedom.

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When I first met Coach Fabiola, my business and passion was just a hobby because it lacked a

structured system and monetary gain! When she offered the Passport to Six Figures Coaching Program, I immediately signed up and didn't look back! Her program and coaching style allowed me to create a structured system for my business to get clients and sell my programs. It’s also given me access to various resources and tools, networking opportunities, accountability through goal setting and support. She was always exposed us to the latest cutting edge information to ensure success. Coach Fabiola truly has a genuine vested interest in seeing others succeed! My business is no longer a hobby, but a business! Thanks, Coach!

Michele Decaul, Empowerment Coach, Prayer Strategist, Inspirational Speaker, Author

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I discovered Fabiola on periscope and I just love how much value she was giving. She seemed like she was the most knowledgable person when it came to running an online business and she shared so much great content.  So, I knew that the first opportunity I had to work with her I had to jump on it. I immediately joined Passport to Six Figures. Fabiola pours herself into her clients, I know I could always count on her to be there for me and that was awesome. She’s amazing at helping you set and achieve high goals. I love that she helps you map out a strategy to reach those goals and actually implement them. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s ready to take action and create the business of their dreams. If you follow the plan that she’s created for your you will have success online.  I am happy that I invested in High Level Coaching with her.

- Anjelica Dezel, The Designer Brand Coach

Two Successful Launches and Sold Out My First Premium Offer.

Working with Fabiola in the Passport Program was amazing. She will force you to get real with your stuff. I can admit when we first started I had major resistance in my business because I wasn't clear on offers. Fabiola got me to get honest about what worked and what didn't for me. When I wanted to quit, she dropped everything to get me to reevaluate my business. She made it fun for me again, because traditional marketing wasn't vibing for me. After this shift I was able to have two successful launches with Fabiola’s help. My first premium offer sold out with Fabiola’s help. If you want to get clear, if you want someone that will hold you accountable plus actually give a damn about your success, Fabiola is your lady.

-Ty Johnson-Anderson, Energy Healer & Manifestation Goddess