Hello, Gorgeous!



To create a legacy and build the badass business of your dreams

To ditch your 9-5 struggle and design a fabulous life on your terms

To finally maximize your time and increase your profits month after month

To say ‘no thanks’ to anything that doesn’t allow you:

  • the freedom to be creative
  • time to spend with your loved ones, or
  • the opportunity to live the laptop lifestyle you desire.




Lovely, go ahead kick off your Manolo Blahnik’s and grab your chai latte, it’s time to revolutionize your life!

You must admit that up until now you’ve been running an expensive hobby, not a business.

You’ve spent more than you earn; you’ve wasted countless hours obsessively snacking on freebies; and, you put all your energy into trying to grow a business that still feels way out of reach.

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Listen up Gorgeous,

I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be so hard.

You can leverage your branding, automate your systems, and run your business with as much ease as you feel when you’re relaxing at the spa, or hitting the boutiques in search of those coveted red bottoms! (Yes really... I promise!)

If you’re too fly to struggle, and you’re ready to do like Bey and get ‘in Formation,’ then you’re in the right place, I’m here to help!




I'm Fabiola Giordani

part intuitive marketing genius, and part entrepreneurial rebel. That makes me one audacious Affluence Alchemist!

I create business, branding + marketing magic for entrepreneurs who want to extinguish scarcity, crush it with confidence and build badass empires doing what they love.

Before discovering my Hustle Fearlessly formula, I was like YOU, distracted, confused and stuck at an income ceiling that didn’t reflect my true potential.

The problem? I was chasing someone else’s dream instead of my own.

Since then I have created a multiple 6-figure business that gives me the freedom to work from wherever I choose, maximize time with my family and create a level of comfort I used to only dream of.