3 Simple Steps To Start Standing Out From the Crowd & Make More Money

Being an entrepreneur is rewarding, you get to do what you love and get paid for it and as an added bonus you get to change the world. 

As amazing as that sounds, it sucks when you are working your butt off and you're not getting the results.

You have have the fancy website, you have a Facebook page of at least 1000 or more page likes and you are out there hustling. 

For some reason you may not get the results that you really want because no one is buying from you.

You feel lost in your business and you're frustrated and maybe  you're on the verge of giving up.

Let's face it a business that's not making money is really not a business, it's a super expensive hobby.

Instead of falling prey to the comparison hangout over or scouring the internet for inspiration it's time for you to take some action and start standing out.

Now, I may not know exactly why you are not making money in your business but I do have a few suggestions on how you can start standing out from the crowd.

Here are three steps to help you stand out and start making some money in your business.

1. Be yourself! Stop trying to be like everyone else. People can read straight through the BS.

Be personable, a personal brand requires that you are. You can have the biggest and best brand in the world but if you and your staff do not have the best attitudes then people will forget the value of your brand and keep it moving.

Remember to be genuine and see your customers and clients as people not dollar signs. That means you need to offer true value to the world. Like you, people want to feel special  and cared for. 

2.  Own your expertise. I am a brand strategist, modern marketer and a designer. I make it my mission to study my craft. Whether that is reading a book, taking a course or even working with a coach.

Everyday, I take the time to do something to improve my skills. That's what helps you STAND OUT from your competition.

It's your job to stay up with the latest trends and learn ways that you can not only improve your business but your client's business. Your clients will thank you for it.

3. Don't get caught up on theories and elaborate plans. Your business is unique. There's not a wrong or right way to do business. Don't get me wrong I love a good plan, but sometimes we get caught up about what every expert say we should do. 

It's your business you have to decide what works best for it. Don't follow a plan that is not aligned with your goals and your business goals. If you didn't follow it step by step and you had success then heck you need to keep it moving. 

You are a creative soul and you are on a mission to change the world. Go with that! Stop allowing people to derail you from your mission. You know what you want and now it's time for you to take some action.

Action Step:
1. Ask yourself, How can I apply the three steps in my business? (if I'm not already)
2. Brainstorm how you can craft a unique experience for your clients and customers?
3. What makes you unique? What will people remember about you and your business?


I'd love to hear from you leave a comment below.