How I Made 5 Figures In Five Weeks. And you can too!


Running an online business means you have to be transparent. I share a lot about my business and my life. One thing that I’ve never shared is how I went from broke to five figures in 5 weeks. 

When I launched my business, I had great momentum. I got clients within 24 hours of launching my website, I was able to grow my business into making my first 6k in a month. 

That felt amazing! They say your first 6k is magical, it’s the breakthrough number towards success. 

I have to be honest with you though, it was a bit of a struggle in the beginning. 


I wanted to find my balance. I was new in my industry and lacked confidence in charging my worth. Lack of confidence in that case turned out to work in my favor.  

Once I hit my 6k in a month, I became confident in business. After working with so many different entrepreneurs, I figured out what I wanted to share with the world. 

So I decided to  launch my new program and within 5 weeks, I made my first 5 figures. I want to share with you exactly how I reached this magical number and how you can too. 

  1. I tested everything! I wanted to lay a foundation for my business so I decided to take that time to try different things at different prices and work with different types of clients to discover who I really wanted to work with. It allowed me to really see who my target market was and also what their urgent needs were. When I launched, my prices were different. They weren’t super low but they were not high either. I did this because I wanted to figure out more about the clients I wanted to serve and to get testimonials. Of course I could have easily offered it for free but that’s not a business, that’s a hobby.
  2. Focus on building relationships. I really wanted to build relationships with my audience and establish myself as an expert. 
    • I offered webinars that were informative and provided tons of value to my audience.
    • I also created a free opt-in that was rich in content. I didn’t want to have an opt-in that didn’t serve my audience.
    • During my  launch week prior to my website launch, I offered 5 free website reviews in a massive Facebook group with my audience. That one post got over 50 people requesting for website reviews and 70 new email subscribers. 
  3. Building your list.  List building is something that I highly recommend when growing a business. There are a few ways that I like to build my list. 
    • I build my list offering free webinars. That gave people a chance to learn, get value and also establish me as an expert
    • I ran Facebook ads for my free offer. Yes, the saying “if you build it, they will come" is a LIE. Honestly you have to drive traffic to your site or your free to grow your list. You can’t expect it to work if you are not putting in the effort. 
    •  created a new segment for my Instagram account called Refine your brand with Fabiola where i share tips on how to build a memorable brand that is primed for profits
  4. Having a pricing strategy. Know how much you want to charge for your programs and services. You have to account for your expenses in your business and the lifestyle that you want. Don’t be afraid to charge premium prices. Know that as long as you are going to do your part in getting your client’s results, you deserve to get paid. Don’t undervalue your talents. The best way to confidently sell out your offers is to make sure that you believe in what you are selling and the value of it. Also, start with a price you are comfortable with, then increase it after 3 clients. It helps.
  5.  Have a signature system: A Signature System will make your marketing much easier, allow you to more effectively enroll clients, cause you to impact more people, and help you create multiple streams of income by re-purposing your system as an unlimited amount of stand-alone modules and other products and services.

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