Three Steps to Your Irresistibly Creative Brand

I love this quote by Paul Rand " Design is the silent ambassador for your brand." 

He's right!

Believe it or not most people will judge your brand based on the design and flow of your website,  business cards or anything visual related to your business even your personal style.

Here are three tips to help you with your design needs.

1. Who are you talking to?
This is very important, because if you ideal audience loves an upscale lifestyle or a luxury feel your website and brand must reflect that. When you are thinking about your design efforts for your social media platforms or your website or business cards you must ask yourself even though I love these colors and that animated picture of me will my ideal audience love this too? If the answer is no then it's time to rebrand. Remember that you want to still show up authentically but you also want to be client attractive. 

You must find the happy medium.

2. Colors! colors! colors!!
I once had a woman tell me that my green dress in a picture made her feel sick lol. Clearly she wasn't my ideal client but that made me think about my color choices at the time. 

 The infamous green dress. 

The infamous green dress. 

Colors are just as important as your message. You want attractive colors that sends a message to your target market that you are the right one for them. Plus, it's super important that your design work shows up and stands out. The wrong colors can send the wrong impression or turn people off to your brand. Remember to choose colors that you love and that would resonate with your target market as well.

One of my favorite places to choose the best color palettes is the Adobe Kuler

You can insert your picture and it will help you pick out a great color palette for your brand. 

3. Consistency
Last, but certainly not least this crucial to great design. It's all about staying consistent.  You can't have gold and purple today and brown and black tomorrow. You must choose your color palette wisely and stick to it. You must choose your fonts wisely and stick to it. I use to be guilty of this and at the time my inconsistency caused me to leave money on the table. I don't want that for you. Create you own brand board with your colors, typography and patterns and stick to it. 

When in doubt do the research and create a brand mood board to reflect your brand's identity and it will help you stay consistent.  Here's a brand mood board example that I created just for you with images from Pinterest.

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