Are you making these major discovery call mistakes? PLUS a PDF

I used to hate discovery calls!

Okay - hate is a strong word.

The reason why I had such strong emotions towards discovery calls was because I felt like I was working too damn hard towards getting the sales. 

There was something about them that made me feel super uncomfortable.

Maybe it was because I used to give away the farm (This is not Fabiola Fix my life!) or the fact that I was terrified to ask for the sale or I just didn't know what the heck I was doing at the time. 

Eitherway, it wasn't my fave part about being a coach. But as a coach who sell high ticket items, discovery calls are needed for two main reasons. 

  1. You want to talk to people when you are selling a high ticket item because they need to understand the level of commitment.

  2.  You want to make sure they are a good fit for your program. The last thing you want is to work with someone who has no intention to do the work or follow through to get results. 

The truth is discovery calls are beneficial for you and the clients you work with because you want to make sure you can actually help them and that they won't turn out to be crazy pants and drain your energy.

Your job is to help those in NEED and those who want real results that thrive. The last thing you want is to work with people who are not ready. 

Ok, so you're probably wondering why should I listen to a woman who hates discovery calls?

Well, the truth is I don't hate them anymore because I've mastered the sales conversation.

Last year I decided that I was going to limit my discovery call availability to once or twice a year.

So I crafted this amazing discovery call enrollment system that I teach inside of my mastermind  Passport to Profits.

Implementing discovery call enrollment system allowed me to book 500 discovery calls with amazing women from all around the globe. I spoke with 200 of those 500 (It was too much to handle in 3 weeks) and I learned A LOT about how to conduct a successful sales call.  With each call my confidence grew, the flow of my conversations got better and I closed calls 10 times better.


Here are 5 costly mistakes you're probably making during your discovery calls that are not resulting in sales.


1) Lack of preparation.


The first step to a great sales call is preparation.

You have to ask questions from your potential client prior to the call in order for you to understand the following: What are their needs? What are the results they desire when they work with you?

Lastly you need to know if they are worthy of getting on the phone with you. Yep, you read that last sentence correctly.

Time is precious and you can never get it back. Why would you get on the phone with someone who says they have no money and they are slightly motivated to get results? It's a waste of time. Create a simple pre-discovery call form asking questions that will weed out the serious candidates from the time wasters. You'll thank me later.


2) You're not leading the conversation.


Make your sales call a heartfelt collaborative conversation.

It's okay to lead the way and create an experience where your potential client is guided and heard. I often hear clients tell me that they are afraid to sound sales-ly or like they are too eager so they let the client take over the call. In fact, in sales 101 you learn that you should always lead the conversation. It will help you stay on track and have a fruitful conversation. Plus it helps you avoid a possible free pick-my-brain session.


3) You're talking too damn much!


I get it. You're nervous and sometimes it may cause us to take over the conversation without even realizing it. 

Stop for a minute and just breathe.  In fact, I would take time to meditate for a few before your calls to help you get relaxed.    

Your job is to listen to them. Don't worry about you're going to say next just focus on them. The best sale calls happen when you allow the conversation to flow with well-timed and thought-provoking questions. Your prospect will just give you the insights and clarity that you may need to help provide them with the best solution for them.


4) You're too focused on yourself.


I've been there- where I was so nervous that all I could do was focus on my nervousness or whether or not my pitch was going to be on point. While it happens to the best of us, you're not to give the conversation your all. Trust in the process, trust in your ability and in your skills.

You are amazing at what you do and any client would be lucky to have you. But if you spend the bulk of the conversation freaking out instead of exuding confidence and focusing on their needs then it's going to be waste of time.


Prior to all of your calls you need to get centered. Take a few minutes to sit in silence. Meditate, pray or whatever you need to calm down. 


Write on sticky notes what are your favorite parts about coaching and why do you want to continue to serve others. That will help you forget about how you feel and focus more on how you can help the person on the other side of the phone or skype. 😃


5) You don't ask for the sale.


This is where most of us struggle. We ask the questions and get the problem and then nothing. Remember the purpose of this call is to DISCOVER if this person is a good fit to WORK with you. That means you need to ask them if they want to get the help they seek.

Never be afraid to ask for the sale. A closed mouth does not get fed.

Offer a recap of the conversation. If you were listening and taking notes they've already told you everything you need to make your sales pitch. As you recap, outline their main concerns and couple it with something you offer. Let them know that you are the one to help them execute the change that they desire in their life, business or career.

I want to help you rock your next sales call so... I'm gifting you my Successful Sales call script. You can edit it to fit your business. It includes how to overcome objections and how to ease into the sales pitch.

Drop me a note below and share with me - What are your struggles with booking clients on your discovery calls? What are some of the changes you're going to make on your next discovery call?