Need Clients? 10 things you can do today to gain new clients

“I can’t believe she signed a new client again!” Does that sound familiar? 

Do you feel like business is slow and clients are drying up?  Don’t freak out! The last thing you want is to let fear and self-doubt to creep in.  

Panicking and freaking out only leads to inaction. 

You know… when you spend the entire day in your pajamas binge watching your fave tv show on Netflix, scrolling through other popular coaches Facebook newsfeed wondering how they get clients so effortlessly, or sitting in front of your laptop all day surfing the internet looking for “ inspiration” and calling it working. 

Can you relate?

Trust me, you are not alone. I think we’ve all been there. But in order for you to be a coach, you need actual clients. 

During the “slow” times in your business you have to stay calm and take big actions towards creating the momentum that you want in order to get booked solid. 

Want to gain momentum and book clients? Here are few things you can do to get started.

1. Do the work and get to know your ideal clients.

Most of us start our business and assume that our community really wants what we are offering. It’s your job to know exactly what they want. Do the research and find out what their struggles are, what’s keeping them up at night and what kind of solutions they are looking for. You want to create something that will feel like it was tailor-made just for them.

2. Make sure that your marketing is aligned with your goals.

Are you only posting motivational posts all over social media? Is it hard for people to understand how you can help them? Clarify your marketing message. Who are you? Who do you help? How do you help them? What results do you help them get? Update your social media platforms and copy on your site to showcase that. Also, create content that is on brand and on message. Stay focused.

3. Focus on growing your list with quality leads.

Create an automated email sequence to welcome people to your list and offer them a complimentary call with you. During that call use it to listen, help and if they are a good fit then make them an offer to work with you.

4. Follow-up with past clients.

If you learn anything from this series, please remember this: 

The money is in the follow-up. 

So many of us miss this when it comes to building our business. Following up with past clients is an easy way to stay connected but also sell an offer. Why? Because they’ve already worked with you and the trust is already there. It can be a student who bought a course and you feel like they would be a great fit for one on one work, send them an email.

  5. Share value & Teach Something.

Offer a helpful webinar or a live training. If you want to be a coach who is booked solid then you must give back to your community. You must also increase your influence and showcase your expertise. That means building credibility - like a trust factor with your ideal clients. Webinars are one of the best ways to sell your products and services. Check out my live stream here on getting clients via webinars


6. Create a no-brainer offer.

Before I launched my business, I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track. So I offered a no-brainer offer. I made it easy for people to say and yes buy from me. Whether you are new or seasoned, a no-brainer offer works if you need clients and want to get money. This is something that is offered once and for a limited time. In order for it to be effective, it can’t be something you offer every week to everyone. An example of that would be an hour session with you, with an action plan for $197 and it is limited to the first 10 people. (You don’t need to offer a discovery call to book this) The price is up to you but you get the idea.


7. Follow-up with past leads.

Booking clients for private coaching work require that you speak with people on the phone/skype. That means you get to hear whether or not they are a good fit to work with you. Are you following up with your past leads? Sometimes, people are just not ready to work with you now but maybe something has changed or you may have an offer that fits their needs. Send them a private email inviting them into this awesome cool opportunity.

8. Show social proof.

No matter what we buy we are looking for results. People love to see what your past clients have to say. We want to know that your work can help them and it’s proven. Share your client success stories as a part of your marketing

9. Tell people you have coaching spots open.

I hate it when people send one email or post one time on social media and get mad when they are not getting clients. Umm… one email? Seriously. You need to let the world know that you are open for coaching. That’s why launches are so popular because we can bring our services to others. Share stories that will grab your audience attention. It can be your story about past struggles, a client’s success story, maybe something they are struggling with. Either way, connect with them and let them know you are here to help them.

10. Lastly, challenge yourself to share your message and make an offer every day. 

The only way to get clients is to take daily action and ask for the sales. 

I hope this post inspires you to get into action and gain momentum in your coaching business. I’d love to hear from you below which one of the steps above will you implement today?



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