Still struggling to book high end clients? do this...

Hey, Girl Hey!

Do you feel like no matter how many times you've tweaked your website, how often you post on social media or how many strategies you've tried that you're still not getting the level of business growth, sustainability and the freedom you really desire?

When I first started out as a coach I was told that I had to do a million things to fill up my calendar and get booked out with high-end clients.

The truth is that you just need to simplify your marketing and just do a few things to stand out and get clients.

#1 Your marketing content needs to speak to the needs of your future clients. The best way to book incredible high-end clients is to provide great content that will attract them. Your content should address their struggles, their desires and the goals that they want to achieve. Most importantly your content should showcase your expertise.

If it's not doing that then you need to go back to the drawing board.

Want high end leads now? Do this...

-Share a client result based success story + a call to action. Share the story, not just the testimonial. Take them through a journey and paint the picture. They want to know that these result can happen for them too. (Btw people love interviews I would doa FB live to share their story. Try it)

#2 It's a numbers game. If you want clients you need to know your numbers! I can't stress enough how important it is for you to understand your conversion rate and how many discovery calls you need to book each month to reach your goals.

The key to booking high-end clients is to get on the phone. Once you've put out great content and attracted the right leads, they need the next step to help them gain momentum. 

That is a discovery call!

Here are three questions you need to consider when it comes to your numbers.

1. Are you booking enough discovery calls? If your goal is 5 new clients a month then you have to 3X the number of discovery calls that you have on your calendar. Why? Because I can guarantee you that not everyone will say "HECK YES" on every call.

2. Do you know your discovery call conversion rate? If you have a 50% conversion rate then you only need 2X the calls a month to reach your goals. But... if you have a lower percentage rate of closing on discovery calls then you definitely need more prospects on your calendar.

3. Are you a follow up badass? Yes, you read that correctly. The money is in the follow-up. Just because someone said they want to "think about it" doesn't mean they don't want to work with you.

I don't believe in high-pressure tactics to get clients. If you're not ready to move forward I ain't mad at ya!

But the majority of the time people automatically assume that if someone wants to think about it that they aren't ready.

We're human and we need time to make decisions at least 24 hours.  You need a follow-up process in place as a part of your strategy.

You're probably thinking "well I get discovery calls but none of them are converting Fabiola."

That brings me to Glorious lesson #3. You have to master the sales conversation! No one is born with sales gene, we have to learn how to sell.

Want to know how to do it? Join me tomorrow as I share with you how to crush your next sales conversation, plus I will have an epic gift for you too.

Can't wait to share.




Hello Gorgeous! I'm Fabiola an online Business Coach and Marketing Strategist and the founder of Booked Out Marketing Camp. I love working with women entrepreneurs to help them grow their business and increase their influence & income online to create ultimate freedom. I work with total badass women entrepreneurs who want to get booked out with High End clients, sold out launches, explode their sales to multiple 5- figure months and reach the six figure mark and beyond in their business. 

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