The Real Reason Why She Has Clients and You Don’t

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”- Theodore Roosevelt.

Every entrepreneur suffers from the comparison hangover. No matter if you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for 15 years - we all do it. I remember when I first started my business I would have mixed feelings when another coach reports her killer results or that she launched my idea first!

I would spend time just over-analyzing “how she did it”. It was such a freaking waste of time.

The truth is that getting clients and having a thriving coaching business is not an elusive thing that only a special group of people can achieve.

We all can do it, the difference between those who are booked solid and thriving and those who are wondering why the F@$k they still don’t have clients boils down to one thing.

You need to get focused and take control of the direction of where you want your business to go.

After working with hundreds of coaches and creative entrepreneurs over the last few years I’ve noticed quite a few things when it comes to having success as a coach. I want to pull back the curtains and share them with you.

Ready? Here we go!

She focuses on her zone of genius

A booked solid coach focus on their natural gifts and is always nurturing it. You can’t be everything to everyone. In fact, clients are looking for coaches with specific skill sets.  When you’re working in your zone of genius, you are in alignment with your core strengths and there is a natural flow that happens. It starts with you recognizing what you are really good at and sharing it with the world. If you are struggling to get clients now it may be because you haven’t yet discovered what makes you unique. 

She hustles harder than you realize

Yep, you read that correctly. I know that some coaches have you believing that they are just sitting on the beach sipping green juice, taking a million-brand photos is the way to get clients. The truth is that the booked out coaches are hustling harder than you. They are up when you are sleeping, grinding and getting shit done while you are still dreaming about the 4-hour work weeks. You have to put in the work and build the systems to get to that 4-hour work week and a booked out coach knows that. The booked solid coach You wish you were is committed to her version of success and has been consistently putting in serious effort towards her goals for a long time.

She’s a problem solver

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. We see something wrong and we make it our mission to fix it. We love to help others. Are you solving the needs of your audience? Evaluate what you offer and see if it is really going to make change in their lives. Are you sharing content that actually gives people value? Or is it just filling space online? Value is when you are giving something that will impact or make a change in the lives of those in your community. When you’re just sharing crap and not solving the problems your peeps are having that’s part of the reason why you’re struggling to get clients. So create something that will help them get results. 

She’s on a mission to get shit done

The booked solid coach is focused! A lot of coaches and creative entrepreneurs have so many different things that they are offering to their audience and they still haven’t experienced real results with any of them. Basically you are the Jill of all trades and the master of none. When I launched my business I focused on filling one program. Sure I had other things I wanted to create and offer to the world but I focused on just one program. I offered webinars, discovery calls, gave tons of value via social media until I filled that program.  It is your job to promote your programs and ensure that people see the value in your work.

She’s consistently putting herself in front of her audience.

Stop hiding behind your computer and hoping that people will automatically buy from you. If you keep hiding they will not come. The booked solid coach is consistently in front of her audience to give them a reason to buy. They are actually social on social media, they send newsletters, they blog/podcast regularly. These coaches do what they need to do to get shit done. The best kept secret is usually broken. Don’t let fear drive your actions, allow your bigger vision to lead and prioritize your goals over the fear every day. You will have people who don’t like what you do, how you do it, when you do it. But your real tribe, the people whom you’re meant to serve will be happy just to see you put yourself out there.

She genuinely connects with her community

Want a sustainable business? Then you need a community of loyal followers and customers who cares about you.  The Booked solid coach at the top of her game has clients because she really cares  about helping the people in her community.  Her community is not just another  action item of her to-do list.  She understands her community, shows up and is helpful everyday for her people because she wants them to succeed.

I hope that this email inspires you into action today.

In the words of Pablo Picasso, “ Action is the foundational key to all success.”

I’d love to hear from you today. Does this resonate with you? If so how are you going to make the changes in your business in order for you to start getting clients.