My brain, my experience, my branding + marketing genius, yours on a platter
  here’s exactly what’s included:

  • 1 60 minute call to map out the necessary customization of your VIP day
  • 1 Full VIP Day.
  • 4 x 40 minute follow up coaching over 60 days.
  • 2 months of email coaching support post VIP day

A custom plan to help you automate your cash flow, sales funnels and emails designed to create momentum, authority and revenue that rocks your world.

  • Identifying your ideal customer + brand positioning
  • Marketing plan for the next 6 months of your business
  • Establishing a business model that fits your goals and desires
  • Designing a sales funnel based on your new business model
  • Email marketing for profit strategy
  • Creating a lead magnet that creates cash flow
  • Autoresponders that convert like crazy
  • Establishing automation and tools for your new business model
  • Customizing implementation for your new plan
  • Creating of your brand new offers
  • Planning out your new packages and pricing
  • Re-branding to create a consistent online voice
  • Facebook and Instagram marketing crash course
  • Designing a sales funnel based on your new business model
  • Webinars + Teleseminars crash course
  • 1 Night accommodation at a luxurious hotel aka Your Business + Brand Revolution Headquarters
  • Decadent breakfast lunch and dinner with yours truly!
  • Access to My Incredibly Robust Training Library


REAL WORLD #stats 

(Because stats are sexy­ you can thank Harvard Business Review for this one!)

  • 80% of CEO’s have mentors (including yours truly)
  • The top 3 reasons business coaches are hired:
  • Develop your highest potential 2. Act as a professional sounding board 3. Stop derailing behaviour
  • 130% of those who are mentored become mentors themselves (because once you know how to rock it, you can do it for others!)
  • 70% improved work performance 
  • 65% improved business management
  • 80% improved confidence
  • 96% would do it again