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P. S.
This is not for those who want to keep being dreamers.
This is for those looking for results, straight ­ no chaser.
This is for those who understand the value of leveraging expert advice and the pricetag that comes with it.
This is for those who understand that if you already knew, you’d already be where you want to be.
This is for those who understand that the world’s greatest advice can’t make you follow through.
This is for those who are ready, willing and able to commit to their own
unapologetic success ­ mind, body + pocketbook.
This is for those who know that the finer things in life and business, are 100% worth it.

Clients' Love

$8k in 6 weeks

My Business has increased in follower and Clients. I booked $8k in client fees within 6 weeks. Fabiola has given me invaluable information for my biz and helped me grow within a community of like minded women. Fabiola F***ing Rocks! Be prepared for your success.

- Rochelle, GA,

Booked 20 new clients in 6 weeks. Plus Prepping for Major Launch

As a result of working with Fabiola I’ve learned how to make strategic and intuitive decisions about my business. I've learned that there has to be strategy behind your passion. I'm no longer running in circles when it comes to my business. My complete brand identity has changed and it finally looks the way that I intended it to. No, I didn't do it all myself.

I learned how to fearlessly say that I needed some help. The networking is AMAZING with the group! I've built life long business relationships that are invaluable. Furthermore, I focused on a targeted niche as a result of the program and I've worked with over 20 new clients as a result and this is BEFORE I've done a huge launch. My brand message is finally clear and my clients are finding me. I didn't just get step 1, step 2, and step 3. I got a blueprint to think for myself and to create ways to generate income. That alone has been worth the investment.

- Je tuan Jones, The Message Midwife, Chicago IL


I knew I wanted to re-brand & restructure my business into the vision that was in my head. I knew that I needed to team up with someone that could take me to the next level. Fabiola Giordani was that person! She not only helped me with my re-brand but she has challenged me to build the business of my dreams. As a result of work with her i’ve increased my visibility. I now have clarity around my voice and message which helps me to know who I'm talking. I have since double my client list and i’ve doubled my income as a result of working with Fabiola.

I'm so thankful that our paths crossed! She is the Destiny Coach that I had been searching for. If you're a Creative Entrepreneur that sometimes has a hard time getting a Brand Strategist to see your vision then Fabiola is the one for you! I consider her the Brand Whisperer and I'm honored to learn at her feet and have her help me bring my brand to life!

- Famira, The Diamond DIVA, VA, The Style Translator™


Fabiola, a big heartfelt thank you for all you have done to create a beautiful vision for my You are such a dynamic, thoughtful and creative bright star! Working with you has been a dream and thank you for the brand strategy and teaching me all things social media marketing.

- Teresa Craig, Independent Licensed Insurance Professional