Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms with an estimated 300 plus million users. 
You can use Instagram:

  • To increase your visibility online
  • Build brand awareness 
  • Get results in your business
  • And make money using this FREE tool

I've personally utilized Instagram to grow my brand and made thousands of dollars using this platform alone. 

There are so many ways to grow your Instagram account and utilize it to grow your business. Most people are not sure how to grow their business with this platform. Just Like you I started using Instagram for personal use. As I focused more on my business account I realized that it gave me great results when it came to my marketing efforts.

About 75% of my leads come from Instagram. It is a very powerful tool in my business. 


A 2 1/2 hour pre-recorded workshop that will teach you how to create a visually appealing Instagram profile plus how to use Instagram with a purpose. Together you and I will create a real strategy around your Instagram marketing to turn your passion into profits. 

  • How to create an attractive Instagram Style. 
  • How to attract your ideal premium clients
  • How to gain more followers strategically & save time.
  • How to convert your followers into email subscribers & clients
  • Top tools to use to make using Instagram easier & stylish
  • My favorite Instagram accounts and what they are doing right with Instagram.
  • How to use hashtags the right way #hastagology 101
  • How to create a strategic marketing plan with Instagram
  • How to create content with ease for Instagram
  • How to take great photos for Instagram

  • Live 2 1/2 hour class hosted via webinar
  • Instagram Workbook
  • Recording of the class
  • Lifetime access to the course. (includes and new updates to the class or Instagram)

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  • Learn how to leverage the power of Instagram for your business.

  • Ready to up your Instagram game with style.

  • You want to grow your brand and market your business with ease.
  • Learn an easy to use & Free tool to market your products and services.
  • Ready to learn how to be profitable with the platform.

Hi! I'm Fabiola Giordani. A Creative Brand Designer/Coach, Professional Photographer & Online Marketing Strategist. I partner with creative, stylish female entrepreneurs to help them discover their brand's identity, position their business to profit and catapult their brand's vision with style.

I'm a just a creative entrepreneur who fell in love with Instagram and has used the platform as my main form of marketing.  

What makes me qualified to teach this class? Well, over 75% of my leads come from Instagram effortlessly. I've also made thousands just by using Instagram marketing. Everything I will be teaching you are methods that has worked for me and others. 

I love teaching, photography, visual branding and passionate about building successful online brands. 

Join me for this Live class and let's talk Style, Strategy and Success using Instagram!

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