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Here's what my clients have been able to achieve



When I first reached out to Fabiola, I was struggling with the ability to market my company to my target market. I wanted to increase sales, which I wanted to do through increasing visibility. Fabiola started with a weekly homework which encouraged me to apply what I learn through our discussions together to my business, which helped me improve the way I marketed my company. 

My traffic increased, my email list increased, my sales increased and more people within my local community started to recognize my brand. The best part of my experience with Fabiola is the way she taught me to do everything with marketing as a way to tell my story. Any new features or services I’m offering, I blast it. That way, my customers feel connected. I would definitely recommend Fabiola! If you’re thinking about reaching out to her, GO FOR IT! 

 - Nathalia Gibbs, Bahamas, Owner of LightSpeed Shipping


I had a fantastic session with Fabiola. She was able to help me gain clarity around my brand and offerings. It was above and beyond what I expected. She provided me with great strategies to help me make more money easily using products that I already have. She provided me a step by step strategy on how to package and present them in a new way. After our session together I had a clear plan to put into action right away. Thank you so much Fabiola for your positive, generous personality and for all of your help! 

- Diana Marchand, Lifestyle Educator, Chef, Yoga Instructor


As a result of working with Fabiola I’ve learned how to make strategic and intuitive decisions about my business. I've learned that there has to be strategy behind your passion. I'm no longer running in circles when it comes to my business. My complete brand identity has changed and it finally looks the way that I intended it to. No, I didn't do it all myself. 

I learned how to fearlessly say that I needed some help. The networking is AMAZING with the group! I've built life-long business relationships that are invaluable. Furthermore, I focused on a targeted niche as a result of the program and I've worked with over 20 new clients as a result and this is BEFORE I've done a huge launch. My brand message is finally clear and my clients are finding me. I didn't just get step 1, step 2, and step 3. I got a blueprint to think for myself and to create ways to generate income. That alone has been worth the investment. 

- Je tuan Jones, The Message Midwife, Chicago IL


"$8K IN 6 WEEKS"  

My business has increased in follower and clients. I booked $8k in client fees within 6 weeks. Fabiola has given me invaluable information for my biz and helped me grow within a community of like-minded women. Fabiola F***ing Rocks! Be prepared for your success. 

- RochelleGA, Rosereddpaperstudios.com



When it came to coaching my biggest fear was that I felt like I couldn’t afford it. I realized that I can't afford to NOT get into the coaching program if I want things to change in my business.

 I learned SO much after working with Fabiola. Not only new tools and strategies. I gained so much clarity in terms of what and who I want to work with.

 I love that you are authentic ..you are not afraid to be direct in your coaching and training. I love that Fabiola is sincere in seeing everyone succeed. 

It's definitely NOT all about the money with her it’s about getting her clients results.

 If you’re considering working with Fabiola JUST DO IT! If you are on the fence feeling like you can't afford it. Invest in yourself and your business. It is so worth it. 

Yes... I would absolutely recommend Fabiola for Coaching.

The program and training that was provided by Fabiola is high quality..no fluff. She over delivers and goes above and beyond to see you become successful. Fabiola is not going to allow you to play small. 

-Sabrina L. Dix, Business and Brand Coach