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Passport to Six Figures a 6 month experience for 12 Women

Here is what you and I will accomplish together over the next 6 months


Six Figure Foundations

Refine your vision for your multiple 6 Figure year. Refine your offers, positioning, pricing and more. Dedicated to setting up the structure and foundation of your business so that your business can run like a well oiled machine. You can reach your goals of $15k, $20k+ months and enjoy your business once again because you will no longer have to obsess over the tedious details of your business.

Courses and Programs

Create, package and launch your next successful group program or e-course. Leverage your time and increase your impact and income with group programs.

Systems for Six Figure Success

How to create and implement seamless systems so you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible

Six Figure Funnels

Build your six figure funnels to create more freedom flow and income in your business. Together we will create a process for you to build your relationship with your audience, sell out your offers and make money with ease in your business.

Automate your Cash Flow

A new business model in order to grow and scale your business in the next 9 months to the 6 figure mark and beyond. We will be focusing on automating your cash flow with passive income funnels. Want to make money while you sleep, then there are some key things that need to be in place. You will learn how to take your concepts from just an idea to an income generating idea. You’re going to be able to replicate this formula over and over again. No longer will you have to wonder about the steps.

Marketing & Selling for Six Figure Success

Learn the latest trailblazing online marketing and selling strategies from emails that convert to, webinars and live streams. You’ll also learn how to get publicity for your business and create raving fans. Master Facebook ads to get better leads and grow your business. Learn the easy-to-iplement sales approach for converting prospects into paying customers. Master your sales calls and advanced closing techniques and become a sales superstar without being salesy or pushy.

High End Lead Generation:

Get booked Solid with incredible clients months in advance. Learn the advanced lead generation and list building processes to attract and enroll clients easily in your programs and courses. We’ll also hone in on the most effective growth strategies to accelerate your business to the next level with ease and get booked solid with 1:1 clients or group programs

Next Level Momentum

You’re ready to get to the next level of your business. You know that having an expert standing right beside you – along with an intimate committed group of other amazing business owners – will bring incredible momentum and rock-solid results.

Business Growth Strategy:

The proven approach and tactics you need plus the questions you must ask yourself as you build your business to six figures and beyond. I am removing the guesswork from this portion of your business. You will no longer have to Google to get the information you want. I’m opening my brain to you and nothing is off limits. I’m dedicated to your success.


Businesses who plan ahead perform up to 60% better than those that don’t. How to confidently reach and exceed your income goals month after month, year after year

Crush Your Next Launch

I’ll be taking you through my top launch strategies to Leverage your business. Create, Launch and sell out your group program/ course. Experience 5-figure launches without the stress of launching. You will be guided step by step and provided with the tools and resources for your next launch so that you can sell out your offers.

Publicity For Your Business

Build your credibility and authority in your industry. Learn how to get publicity for your business and increase your impact and income




  • A CEO Mindset for unshakable confidence
  • Recurring revenue streams planned and implemented
  • Irresistible Offers Your Perfect Clients can’t wait to get their hands on
  • Personalized marketing strategy 5 figure or 6 figure launches
  • A profitable email list with crazy amounts of growth + sales
  • Personalized Visibility and Publicity Strategy
  • Confidence in your sales strategy
  • Know how to Outsource and build a dream team to support you
  • Solid Systems, funnels and automation to do more with less overwhelm
  • A unique blueprint to grow and scale your business to  Multi-Six Figures
  • A plan & system  to ‘woo’ + book high-paying clients, launch a program, and build your very own 6-figure biz (now).


Program Currently Closed
Next round of the Mastermind will start in August 2017 or 2018 - To be confirmed




YOU + ME Are Going To Jet-set and build your profitable business

Passport to Six Figures is entirely unique in it’s effectiveness because it is… Personalized, Practical & Proven




2 Group Mastermind Calls each month

Inner Circle Accountability partners

Hot seat personalized coaching

Access to my digital Library with both tech and online marketing training

Personalized coaching with Fabiola

Access to All Recorded Mastermind Calls in our membership site

Email Support via laser coaching for the duration of your program

1 Live & Luxurious Experiences



bonuses image5.png

But Wait There’s more


There are up to one live event which you can attend over our 6 months together. These live event will include guest expert Masterclasses, advanced training led by me, high-level strategy discussions, and 'hot seat' sessions – not to mention all the great things that make in-person events so much fun: connection, celebration, special gifts and surprise experiences.

These workshops will be highly strategic, hands on and provide amazing clarity for your business.

Retreats Valued at $10,000

NYC 2017



The Passport To Six Figures Mastermind runs for 6 months in 2017, Six months personalized support and high-level masterminding.

Let me be extremely clear, this program is only for a selected few. This high level mastermind has been designed specifically for :


  • A service and content business owner: You offer coaching, consulting, designer, digital products or memberships etc.

  • High performers and Action-takers

  • Those that want to build credibility and authority in your field and work with incredible clients

  • Women who have had some success, but are ready to drastically multiply their income and UP LEVEL their life and business in the next 6 months

  • Ladies who are coachable and Positive. This is a Family.

Right now the choice is up to you. Imagine what it’ll feel like if you say no and choose not to pack your luggage and head for your dreams?

Break free and forget about failure. It’s not you. You deserve better.


Two Successful Launches and Sold Out My First Premium Offer.

Working with Fabiola in the Passport Program was amazing. She will force you to get real with your stuff. I can admit when we first started I had major resistance in my business because I wasn't clear on offers. Fabiola got me to get honest about what worked and what didn't for me. When I wanted to quit, she dropped everything to get me to reevaluate my business. She made it fun for me again, because traditional marketing wasn't vibing for me. After this shift I was able to have two successful launches with Fabiola’s help. My first premium offer sold out with Fabiola’s help. If you want to get clear, if you want someone that will hold you accountable plus actually give a damn about your success, Fabiola is your lady.

-Ty Johnson-Anderson, Energy Healer & Manifestation Goddess


The purpose of the Passport to Six Figures Mastermind is to give you everything you need to create an abundant, freedom based , abundant lifestyle you desire and a truly successor biz that is profitable and stand out.


Program Currently Closed
Next round of the Mastermind will start in August 2017 or 2018 - To be confirmed






Fabiola is the real deal and she knows her ish.

When I came to Fabiola, I didn't know anything about Branding and Marketing. I didn’t know how to leverage social media to reach my ideal clients. Within a few weeks of working with her in Passport to Six Figures, I sold out my first Online Workshop.  I was lost in this online business world and Fabiola was my GPS to maneuver my way around it.  Working with Fabiola has given me the clarity and strategy that I needed to make my mark in the online space. During our time together I was able to set up the systems and the funnels needed to build my business. I have gain so much knowledge by working with her. Fabiola is the real deal and she knows her ish.


Tamara Belvin, life coach, blogger, and speaker


I knew I wanted to restructure my business into the vision that was in my head. I knew that I needed to team up with someone that could take me to the next level. Fabiola Giordani was that person! She challenged me to build the business of my dreams. As a result of work with her I’ve increased my visibility. I now have clarity around my voice and message which helps me to know who I'm talking to.

I have since doubled my client list and I’ve doubled my income as a result of working with Fabiola. I'm so thankful that our paths crossed! She is the Destiny Coach that I had been searching for. If you're an Entrepreneur that sometimes has a hard time getting a coach to see your vision then Fabiola is the one for you!  I'm honored to learn at her feet and have her help me bring my brand and biz to life!

- Famira, The Diamond DIVA, VA, The Style Translator™


I decided to work with Fabiola because she knew how to deliver the HOW of build your business online. Within the first 60 days of working with Fabiola my monthly income doubled due to rebranding, streamlining my offers and increasing my prices. My email list grew by 3k+ subscribers as a result of better targeting and they are engaged and consistently buy products, register for classes and book coaching sessions.

If you are thinking about working with her DO IT NOW. Because every day spent overthinking should you could be days making progress and profits. I’ve recommended others to work with Fabiola and that is only because you have helped me get more sales and clients so I trust you can help them too.

- Angel Richards, Tampa, FL, CEO + Master Life Coach at Helping Others Transform


When it came to coaching my biggest fear was that I felt like I couldn’t afford it. I realized that I can't afford to NOT get into the coaching program if I want things to change in my business.

I learned SO much after working with Fabiola. Not only new tools and strategies. I gained so much clarity in terms of what and who I want to work with.

I love that you are authentic are not afraid to be direct in your coaching and training. I love that Fabiola is sincere in seeing everyone succeed.

It's definitely NOT all about the money with her it’s about getting her clients results.

If you’re considering working with Fabiola JUST DO IT! If you are on the fence feeling like you can't afford it. Invest in yourself and your business. It is so worth it.

Yes... I would absolutely recommend Fabiola for Coaching.

The program and training that was provided by Fabiola is high fluff. She over delivers and goes above and beyond to see you become successful. Fabiola is not going to allow you to play small.

-Sabrina Dix, Branding Coach


When I first reached out to Fabiola, I was struggling with the ability to market my company to my target market. I wanted to increase sales, which I wanted to do through increasing visibility. Fabiola started with a weekly homework which encouraged me to apply what I learn through our discussions together to my business, which helped me improve the way I marketed my company.

My traffic increased, my email list increased, my sales increased and more people within my local community started to recognize my brand. The best part of my experience with Fabiola is the way she taught me to do everything with marketing as a way to tell my story. Any new features or services I’m offering, I blast it. That way, my customers feel connected. I would definitely recommend Fabiola! If you’re thinking about reaching out to her, GO FOR IT!

- Nathalia Gibbs, Bahamas, Owner of LightSpeed Shipping


My business has increased both sales and followers. Working with Fabiola has given me invaluable info for biz and helped me grow within a community of like minded women. Fabiola f***ing Rocks! Be prepared for your success

- Rochelle Sodipo Washington, GA, Creativity Coach & Brand Alchemist


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We take off Early March and Orientation February 28th.

I look forward to helping you build an insanely profitable business that you enjoy.


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