The Powerhouse Intensive


Take Marketing Off of Your To Do List 

It's Time to Slay Your Marketing,  Skyrocket Your Sales + Business in a Day.

Let's get real for a minute. 

You are so done buying courses that never get finished.

You are sick and tired of the one size fits all strategy

You are ready to start automating your marketing and sales

You're booking clients here and there but it's not as consistent as you would like (and you feel like you're always jumping through hoops to make it happen).

Plus let's be honest every time you open that laptop to actually work on your business you are on information overload. [symptoms include: mindlessly scrolling Facebook, stalking your peers on Instagram, overwhelm with a side of procrastination – and worse – tons of random busy work that barely moves the needle on your business or income].

If that sounds like you then I want to invite you to work with me in my Powerhouse Intensive.

This is a FULL DAY project based intensive dedicated to helping you get clear about your sales goals, map out a revenue plan, create a strategy to grow your business and actually implement the work over the next 30 days.

Trust Me, It Will Be a Complete Game-changer. 

What We Will Work On During Our Day

Your coaching experience will be unique and personalized, but these are some of the areas we will cover.

During our time together we will be:

  • Getting clear about your current offers for either your services, group offers, course or passive income to determine the best one to scale your business to 5-figure months with ease

  • Map out your funnels from start to finish so that you can start converting strangers into clients right away

  • Design an evergreen funnel that will generate at least $500 a day if not more on autopilot

  • Design and implement your traffic strategy to grow your list and reach more customers with ease

  • Map out your business growth revenue plan so that you know exactly how to increase your sales + your income month after month with ease.

  • Creating a 60 day Project Plan + Marketing (it takes the guess work out of what the heck should I be doing today)

  • Product Launch Plan to generate your first 5 figure 0r 6 figure launch.

  • And more

This entire day is all about FOCUS + IMPLEMENTATION. It's dedicated to giving you the roadmap that you need to get ish done (systemize, organize, automate)



  • Pre-Coaching questionnaire so that we can be sure to reach your goals

  • 25 min pre-coaching call 1- 2 weeks prior to VIP day

  • 1 VIP day of deep dive coaching (in person in Tampa or Virtual on Zoom)

  • 60 day Project Plan

  • Business Revenue Growth Map

  • VIP Intensive Workbook

  • 30 days of email support after the VIP day

  • one 30 min follow up call after 30 days of VIP day.

Bonus: 90 days access to the Client Business Library (including in depth trainings on launching, fb ads, webinars, tech trainings, Design, video trainings pdfs and more) Value ($1997)


I NEED THIS FABIOLA... So what's the investment?

Your investment for this VIP coaching Intensive is $2500. 

(Payment plans are available. Please note that payment is required in full prior to your intensive date.)

P.S. This price is only available for a limited time.

Client Results


Now I can say after I invested in coaching with Fabiola within 60 days I have a marketing plan, a system to get a flood of clients, I’ve mastered the sales conversation and so much more. Leads are coming in easily and automatically and I am booked out 6 months in advance! Leads are coming in easily and automatically and I am booked out 6 months in advance and I am on track for reaching 6 figures this year!

Debbie Louis

CEO + Chief planner at A La mode Events


I discovered Fabiola on periscope and I just love how much value she was giving. She seemed like she was the most knowledgable person when it came to running an online business and she shared so much great content. So, I knew that the first opportunity I had to work with her I had to jump on it. I immediately joined Passport to Six Figures. Fabiola pours herself into her clients, I know I could always count on her to be there for me and that was awesome. She’s amazing at helping you set and achieve high goals. I love that she helps you map out a strategy to reach those goals and actually implement them. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s ready to take action and create the business of their dreams. If you follow the plan that she’s created for your you will have success online. I am happy that I invested in High Level Coaching with her.

Anjelica Dezel

The Designer Brand Coach


When I first met Coach Fabiola, my business and passion was just a hobby because it lacked a

structured system and monetary gain! When she offered the Passport to Six Figures Coaching Program, I immediately signed up and didn’t look back! Her program and coaching style allowed me to create a structured system for my business to get clients and sell my programs. It’s also given me access to various resources and tools, networking opportunities, accountability through goal setting and support. She was always exposed us to the latest cutting edge information to ensure success. Coach Fabiola truly has a genuine vested interest in seeing others succeed! My business is no longer a hobby, but a business! Thanks, Coach!

Michele Decaul

Empowerment Coach, Prayer Strategist, Inspirational Speaker, Author


  • You’ve had some experience in your business and are ready to take it to the next level You maybe new to business but understand the value of getting it right from the beginning

  • You see coaching as an investment and place a high premium on getting expert guidance that will collapse their timeline towards success

  • You’re tired of the 24/7 hustle to make money in their business every month and want an automated and easier to attract clients and sales

  • You’re open minded and are ready to learn new things and enjoy challenging themselves

  • You’re comfortable with taking risks and you’re ready to take the leap of faith to get things done.

  • You’re done waiting for “someday” and you love taking action so that you can get results NOW.

Please note this is not for coaches only.  

Past clients have been in the following industries: Coaches, Consultants, Web + Graphic Designers, Boutique Owners (on and offline), Real Estate Agents, Authors, Course Creators,  Beauty Industry Pros, Bloggers, Event + Wedding Planners, Creatives. 

I love working with my clients in a high touch way. This intensive is designed to help you increase your sales with ease, systemize and automate your business. 

This one day will be what it takes to revitalize you as an entrepreneur and create a massive shift in the flow of your business and you income.

Momentum is Everything

What are you waiting for? Book Your VIP DAY NOW. Space is limited


When I first reached out to Fabiola, I was struggling with the ability to market my company to my target market. I wanted to increase sales, which I wanted to do through increasing visibility. Fabiola started with a weekly homework which encouraged me to apply what I learn through our discussions together to my business, which helped me improve the way I marketed my company.

My traffic increased, my email list increased, my sales increased and more people within my local community started to recognize my brand. The best part of my experience with Fabiola is the way she taught me to do everything with marketing as a way to tell my story. Any new features or services I’m offering, I blast it. That way, my customers feel connected. I would definitely recommend Fabiola! If you’re thinking about reaching out to her, GO FOR IT!

Nathalia Gibbs

Bahamas, Owner of LightSpeed Shipping


My business has increased both sales and followers. Working with Fabiola has given me invaluable info for biz and helped me grow within a community of like minded women. Fabiola f***ing Rocks! Be prepared for your success

Rochelle Sodipo Washington

GA, Creativity Coach & Brand Alchemist